1. Start from good enough.
  2. Do not looking for perfection instantly, all need process.
  3. You have nothing to lose to do anything.
  4. What you have to do now is all you have, work on it, all out.
  5. Delay gratification! What you will achieve later is much more interesting!
  6. Make realistic goal! Achievable – Attainable.
  7. No one else cares and no one else matters!
  8. Learn to work excellent by practice!
  9. Realistic competitor and benchmarking!
  10. There is no perfect time to start, NOW is the time.
  11. Do the work step-by-step, branch it into small things!
  12. Clear all distractions and trigger for gratification!
  13. If you still scared, pretend like you work to prepare.
  14. Make a structured procrastination, make a list, most important thing to do on the top, then make small things to do. Even if you do not work on your top priority, you still get to it by finishing all small things that required.
  15. Generate ideas from mindless activities.
  16. Use Pomodoro technique. Work-Rest.

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