We’re almost consume the half of 2020. Although, it’s not a normal year for many of us, thanks to Covid-19 pandemic.

Still though, there will be some epic gadget launched this year.

There were also iPhone SE 2020, Xiaomi Mi 10, New Macbook Air, New iPad Pro, and some others as well.

However, I am gonna share my wish list in 2020, just for fun but I am serious though, I really hope that I can get it all.

1. Apple MacBook Pro 13 2020

This is probably my most dreamed gadget of all time. The MacBook is just getting better, with new (old) keyboard and new generation of Intel chipset.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 2020

If I have more money, perhaps I will jump to MacBook Pro 16 with dedicated graphics card. Just maybe, because the size is quite different from the 13 ones.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Yes, I still prefer Android, and Galaxy Note is the best Android phone I can get, because it has Stylus. Yeah, classic.

3. Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

It has no hole or notch on the screen because Poco F2 Pro uses pop up mechanism for the front camera. The screen is clean and it is a nice AMOLED screen.

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro 2020

Why do I need this Android even though there was the Galaxy Note 20? Because everyone need at least 2 phones, am I right?

4. GoPro Hero 8

I need this to make a motovlog and of course for travelling videos.

5. Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Oh I want this, not really need it though.. But really, really want it.

iPad Pro 2020

6. Lumix G85K

Camera is still needed to make video review and serious travel videos.

7. Something elses

There are some gizmos that I kinda want it… Such as Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT, Xiaomi Earbuds, etc…

Am I gonna able to afford those things?

Maybe yes, in the end of this year… After Corona, aamiin.


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