The wireless earbuds trend finally kickstarted. Many were raising eyebrows when Apple decided to ditch the 3.5mm earphone jack in favor of more internal physical capacity of their iPhone 7 series. They went on by introducing AirPods with staggering price tag but seems reasonable for diehard iFans. So what else you could find on these bluetooth earphones? Find out below.


  • No more sorting out tacky cables
  • Instant connection to phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Familiar EarPods design


  • Short battery duration
  • Easy to lose


Although yet to be launched by “late October” the AirPods have been widely reviewed and tested at Apple’s event last September. It will cost you $159 at launch with unique capability that you won’t find anywhere else, even in the Apple’s own Beats Powerbeats2 wireless earbuds. It still cheaper than Samsung Gear IconX, although lack the fitness functionality.

What makes it really handy is the instant connection whenever you take them out of their charging case. It will turn on instantly under close proximity with a selected iPhone device. There’s no shenanigans or hidden setup at all. All you need in one tap on the iOS or Mac OS Control Center. If you plug off one of the AirPods from your ear, the iTunes will stop instantly. There was a slight glitch in our second attempt, but we hope that this issue will get fixed when the final product arrive this late October.

In appearance, the AirPods bear a distressful resemblance to the original EarPods, only minus the tangling cord. At the end of the earphone, you’ll notice a monochrome stem that functions as microphone to help you command Siri or make a clear phone call. If you are used to sort out the convoluted cable on previous EarPods, here that wouldn’t be an issue.

At the test, the earphones managed to pull out pretty much a noise-free music from iPhone 7 thanks to the dual beam-forming microphone that helps filter out background noise. Transferring .AAC audio couldn’t be more seamless.

Speaking of battery life, the AirPods can stand for approximately 5 hours in full usage. That’s not a long duration, especially if you are really into traveling in borderline distance. Therefore, Apple has packed the earphones with a charging case that allows you to give them extra 24 hours of power. It functions as a safe lock as well, so you won’t be carelessly losing it somewhere.

The decision to throw away the 3.5mm jack is considered a risky and bold move by Apple. If you have extra money to spend, it’s always worth to own the versality of this wireless bluetooth earbuds. But if you aren’t really, then just wait for the next USB-C cable EarPods.