Prior to the arrival of iPad Pro, the iPad Air 2 is considered as the most powerful Apple tablet, both inside and out. It was first launched back in 2014, and still yet to see a successor. A year later, the Cupertino company still undecidedly do nothing about it. How does it perform against other newer iPad models? Let’s find out below.


  • Amazingly fast
  • Beautiful form factor
  • Slimmer thickness
  • Improved camera


  • Hampered stereo sound experience
  • Old

Apple has given it a new look and trim the body down for the sake of aesthetics. Compared to its predecessor, iPad Air 2 cut down its weight to nearly 6 percent off and thickness to 19 percent (7.5mm in iPad Air 1 to 6.1mm). It makes you a little bit more cautious, but nevertheless gives better grip and comfortability.

Apple iPad Air 2

Down at the bottom a pair of stereo speakers is grilled with Lightning port in between. The close proximity means it’s almost impossible to listen in a situation of two different sound sources. This is contrast to iPad Pro which has two pairs (one on each side).

The display measures at 9.7 inches diagonally wide, and comes with 2048 x 1536 pixels at 264 ppi. It’s the standard Retina density that now becomes a common thing in every kind of Apple devices. They successfully managed to cut down the “air gap” between screen layers to further slenderize the overall thickness, despite making a way for the brand-new anti reflective coating.

The powerhouse features 64-bit Apple A8X processor, a reinforced version of regular A8 chipset that made its first appearance in iPhone 6 series and subsequently iPad Minis. The A8X is claimed to be 40 percent faster and 2.5 times more effective in terms of graphics performance than that of its predecessor. Coupled with 2GB of RAM, the iPad Air 2 only lose slightly to iPad Pro in the Geekbench speed test battle.

The tablet also saw the improvements in camera department. The resolution has been pumped up to 8MP, but the superiority is not that much and may vary depending on lighting conditions. It now has slow-mo and time-lapse mode alongside the burst mode. The front-facing FaceTime camera is still 1.2MP, and way too obscured for 2016 standard.

There’s the Touch ID too, and works relatively faster than iPhone 6 series when it comes to indentifying fingerprints. It can be used to authorize your online payments if the apps/vendors implemented Apple Pay.

Despite carrying lower hourly wattage rate (27.3 Wh), Apple claimed that iPad Air 2 still delivers relatively same energy capacity at 10 hours approximately. The tablet enjoys big increase in efficiency thanks to A8X chipset.

Apple iPad Air 2 currently sells at various range of price tag depending on storage size and connectivity. We personally don’t recommend you to buy the 16GB one due to its unsupportive behavior when receiving software upgrades. Anyway, here’s the full list.

  • 16GB – Wi-Fi only: $349
  • 32GB – Wi-Fi only: $399
  • 64GB – Wi-Fi only: $449
  • 128GB – Wi-Fi only: $499
  • 16GB – Wi-Fi + cellular: $379
  • 32GB – Wi-Fi + cellular: $399
  • 64GB – Wi-Fi + cellular: $479
  • 128GB – Wi-Fi + cellular: $529