Apple brought the 7 series with a big chunk of improvements from 6s iteration last year – with the bigger version receiving remarkably better specifications on paper. The iPhone 7 Plus notably packed a significant increase on camera, but there are other sectors that has been royally upgraded too. Find out as we dig it below.


  • Significant leaps in power
  • Impressive dual camera
  • Improved battery durability


  • More expensive than ever
  • No headphone jack
  • Full HD display

iphone7-plus-big-upgradesOut of the box you’ll notice that the handset now has been placed under the manual book and fancy sticker bonus to avoid being accidentally dropped. It’s the third iteration since Apple firstly introduced the curvy antenna design in 2014, so we’ll be expecting the Cupertino company to twist the overall look next year.

Apple claimed that the form factor still employs the A7000 aluminium frame but with stronger and bolder composition. The weight counts at 188g, or 4g lighter than its predecessor. The introduction of iPhone 7 series also saw the dark-colored frames – dubbed as Jet Black and Black Matte – became the most popular options again.

The IP67 certification means this device will stand thoroughly against water drops, as the official testing showed it’s strong enough to dive for 30 minutes under one meter in freshwater.

The screen features 5.5-inch LED-backlit IPS display with 1080p resolution – identical to mid-range Android phones – but arguably with much clearer and brighter pixels. There are 3D Touch and Display Zoom alongside, protected by ion-strengthened and oleophobic glass.

Under the hood, Apple has taken quite a big leap by introducing the use of quad-core chipset in their A10 Fusion processor clocking 2.23GHz. Paired with meaty 3GB of RAM, the multitasking in the brand-new iOS 10 couldn’t get better.

There are a pair of speakers with each being placed at the top and the bottom, resulting in double in power and more amplified audio output compared to the 6s series.

The company also upgraded the battery to 2900 mAh compared to 2750 in 6s Plus. Not really surprising, since the 7 series lack the 3.5mm audio jack. Apple claimed the iPhone 7 Plus has one hour longer of battery life compared to its predecessor. It will stand a full day of use even under the heaviest level of operation.

Moving to the camera department – which saw the most notable improvements in the device – there’s a pair of 12MP lenses at the back with both given different specializations. The first one is an f/1.8 wide-angle camera, while the other is an f/2.8 telephoto that has a strictier angle but twice the optical zoom. Round to the front, there’s a 7MP lens in f/2.2 aperture that allows you to record 1080p video at 30fps.

The 32GB base model is currently selling at $769, while the 128GB one (yes, the 64GB has been ditched here) being offered for $869. Double up the inbuilt storage space and you’ll be paying for $969.

iPhone 7 Plus is pretty much a new definition in the Apple’s fancy smartphone history. We really appreciates the upgrades, although some people cringe the lack of audio jack here. The dual camera are just impressive and the software is a win too.