The slight difference in iPhone 7 series design compared to its predecessors forced Apple to revise the existing accessories too. Considering the small battery size, it is more likely that your iPhone 7 will require a power bank as a companion. This is where the Smart Battery Case comes to the rescue.


  • Increased battery life
  • Seamless use
  • Automatic battery maintenance


  • Expensive
  • Still retain the weird bumpy design


The Cupertino company claimed that the 7 series bear 2 hours of extra battery duration compared to 6/6s series. Still, most people won’t consider it sufficient enough to support their activities for an entire day.

There are many portable power banks out there that resemble external hard disks, but most of the time it’s too inconvenient to carry and the tangling cord makes you feel messy when trying to access your phone at same time. Thus, Apple came up with a compact solution that only victimize just a bit of your iPhone thickness.

Similar to the previous version, it currently available only in two colors, White and Black. It’s either prone to stain or it looks really dark. So that will depend on your call.

While the 6s battery case is known to only sports 1877 mAh, the 7’s case get an increase to 2365 mAh. Mathematically speaking, it can perform a full recharge of a dead iPhone 7 and still maintains 17 percent of its juice capacity.

The iPhone and the case will charge simultaneously via the Lightning port, thus abolishing the need for extra cables. It doesn’t comes with on/off button or lightning indicator too, so all you have to do is just attaching the case to the handset.

Instead taking the route of letting the phone to drain its battery first to lower percentage and then charge it with external power bank, Apple designed the smart case to constantly retain the 100% battery status as long as it can. You may argue that this type of battery management will reduce your iPhone internal battery to decay, but technically speaking, it’s actually better.

At $99 (£99 in UK), the Apple Smart Battery Case is way too pricey. But, when does Apple try to save up their consumer’s budget? There are plenty of developers offering the same solution but with smaller price and more appealing capacity, although not everyone of them will seamlessly fit your iPhone 7.