The 2015 saw the Cupertino company released the forth iteration of Apple TV. It was everything they promised, but will still have to fight against more versatile and slightly better competitors out there. Let’s dig out what you can expect from this TV box.


  • Wide array of third-party apps
  • Improved tvOS
  • Improved A8 chipset


  • Voiceless Siri
  • Has somewhat limited contents


To increase app support, Apple finally hold their hand together with third-party content providers such as HBO, Twitch and Adobe to enrich the box with new applications in frequency. But the number still far from what iPhone and iPad devices have been enjoyed these recent years.

When it comes to hard drive capacity, Apple TV offers two different sizes – 32GB at $149 and 64GB at $199. As streaming applications get lesser in size each year, it is safe to say that the cheaper one will suffice for years to come.

If you are keen and widely relying on Apple contents (buy contents from iTunes, subscribe to Apple Music, or own Apple mobile devices), then the TV will enhance your living room experience to higher extent.

As of its dimension, the Apple TV 4th gen comes in twice the height of previous version but with relatively same width. There’s an Apple logo at the top and a white LED indicator on the front. It features a much-improved A8 chipset, similar to iPad Mini 4 and iPhone 6 series.

The remote comes with built-in microphone to communicate with Siri, but it won’t respond to your voice command. Instead, it replies with text and graphics and have capability to search film categories, YouTube channels, or access livestreams. It sports a clickable matte touchpad and six buttons. Surprisingly, it doesn’t use batteries and get powered from the Lightning cable charge instead. After a full charge, the remote will easily surpass one week durability period.

After plugging in the box into its respective television slot, you will be required to do the final setup. This can be done either by manually entering your Wi-fi network ID, password and iTunes account credentials using the remote (not recommended); or sync it automatically using your iPad or iPhone.

You can enjoy the 1080p streaming resolution to open apps and watch contents from several big players in the industry, such as HBO, Netflix, Showtime Anytime, Hulu,, Watch ESPN, NHL GameCenter Live, and so on. Other popular content providers – Amazon Prime Instant and CBS All Access – aren’t available here.

The Siri remote is the biggest selling point in the Apple TV 4th gen. Although currently being voiceless, the wide array of its command makes your job dramatically easier. The hardware looks slick and quiet, and won’t interrupt your visuals.