Every changes, come from ourselves. Any motivation out there and here, is just an inspiration.

Let’s build ourselves!!!

– Do the things you don’t like it. We will never feel to like our life, push forward, take action anyway, build the muscle to taking action, don’t listen to your mind to avoid, use desire than fears.
– It’s not easy, but we will get there eventually. We must know clearly where we wanna go.
– We have to going to do it, not think about to do it. If we love it, we will going to do that.
– To get something, we must sacrifice to do the things needed. Dedicate ourselves to do the things.
– In order to achieving things, it must be what we love.
– If they can make it, anyone can do it. They just ordinary people.
– Discipline is not a punishment, it’s a training.
– We must initiate action aggressively to get anything. We have to do it now. The idea is not gonna executed by itself.
– Every single day is our future miniature.
– Greatness cannot be achieved without obsession. Take that first step and make it happen. Do it here and now.
– Get things done.
– To get everything, we must be discipline.
– Don’t say you don’t have access to get the dreams. Do anything to achieve dreams. Do what you have to do, do the transitional jobs.
– Our mind is designed to stop you from things that might hurt you. We are not designed to do something that uncomfortable, scary, difficult, uncertain. In order to change, to be the best, you re gonna do things that difficult, and scary.
– We can’t control the event, but we can choose what to focus on, what it means, we can choose what we do.
– We can always make a decision. It’s in our control. It’s not easy tp change but it’s simple. Push yourself.
– It’s not the smartest who success, it’s who procrastinate less, make fewer excuses, as they take actions everyday towards their goal they want to achieve.
– Never set the goal that don’t convince you to achieve it.
– We have 5 second window to move our idea into action before our mind kicks in to a full gear and sabotage everything.
– We are what we think we should be. It’s important than what we do.
– Decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat.
– What make us comfortable, will ruin us. What makes us uncomfortable, it will helps us grow.
– What you are, and what you become, depend on what you use your time. We can control how to use time.
– Be a decision maker. Decide what we will do.
– Take ownership of the good and the bad. Don’t blame. Get control of ego. Take ownership to the solution to solve the problem. Take ownership of our life.
– Source of inspiration is beginning. Take action, getting started.
– Discipline is helping us to getting things done. Helping us to do what we have to do even though we don’t like it.
– If we confront something that will change our behavior, we will come face to face in gap between who we are right now, and who we want to be.
– You can choose to sees the day or let the day sees you.
– Nothing works the first time. Every fail is one step closer to success. You got to take risk. To get something you never get, you have to do something you never did.
– Think like a champion.
– Mind control the body, the body don’t control the mind.
– The first thing when we open our eyes, focus on what make us grateful for our life. The goal is to make us feel good. Give us confident to get through the day. Think who do you have to be to get things done.
– As long as we learn something, we never fail, we succeed.
– When we have a goal, we should immediately take the action. There is momentum. Do something to make a progress, you will lose your momentum if you wait. It’s the first step to get the power.
– Failure in life is not don’t have money. It’s if we don’t realize our potential. It’s when we afraid to do things we want in the past time.
– Pain is something to embrace. If there is no resistant in you, you will going no where in life.
– You wanna be better, stop looking for a short cut. Find a long way.
– It take persistent to get success, no short way. No medicine, no drugs.
– Step forward. Do the things every single day. Get up.
– You can change yourself.
– Self confidence! The most important. It’s the ability to believe to ourselves that we can accomplish things.
– Start doing different things. Change what we do.
– Only those who can see the invisible, can achieve the impossible.
– To get more you have to become more.
– Change! Our body is not there, do something. Change the blueprint.
– Only human being that can change themselves.
– You can have more what you got because you can become more than you are.
– Money or passion! Money and passion?
– Do what make us happy.
– Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream.
– Don’t care how many wrong and fail, one right means success.
– When people don’t have more money, it’s because they are not giving more. If want more, work more, give more.
– Success is something you attract, no you pursue. So build on yourself.
– Change expectation into appreciation.
– Find magic moments, feel it. It’s gifts that we can be grateful and appreciate.
– Happiness is not contained about what we get, it’s contained what we become.
– Whenever you give, it’s always come back.
– The secret of living is giving.


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