• Back to school
  • Full time nomadic life (RV-ing)
  • Migrate to a better place to live
  • Go adventure!
  • Living abroad
  • Permanent vacation

Life, is a journey. It’s an adventure, to learn many things in this world.

Even though I probably don’t want to go to school, in a building, I can learn anywhere. In the street, public library, home course, practically anywhere.

Migration will be a very good plan if currently you stay in a busy city, unfriendly place. Move to a village, to a peaceful place. You also can go abroad and living there. It will be much cheaper too if you currently living in a very expensive country like USA or England.

Best things to do; vacation and adventure! You also can do these by full time living in an RV. Or you maybe want to follow Jack Reacher lifestyle as a drifter, live in a cheap motel and every place where you can sleep well, new friends?

However, I will not wait until I got retirement, I can do those things now, or maybe, you know, soon..

I really want to live in the street, mountains, beaches, anywhere. I only need couple things for life. I probably will need a transporter, can be motorcycle, or car.

How to afford?

Currently, I am building my online business and get money from advertising and selling stuffs. If my webs got success, I can hire manager to manage all of my biz and I can control them from far away while doing traveling and adventure.

In this life, what I want to do is simple; learning, adventure, sharing knowledge, charity, and build things to help people. To afford all of those things, surely I will need huge money, that’s why I decided to be an entrepreneur, can get much money and it’s not hard as becoming a multinational company.

How about you guys?!


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