Sex is so awesome.. yes..


There some other things that are very enjoyable, and sometimes, it’s better than sex.

Better than sex

1. Fast ride with motorcycle.

2. Achieve running high..

3. Enjoy beautiful landscape, with coffee or tea.

4. Listen to a very good song/s

5. Driving a car to a long road

6. Stop and rest in nowhere while doing road trip

7. Sing a favourite music

8. Getting a massage and giving

9. Camping with best friends

10. Achieving goal

11. Sitting in a calming cafe/ food court

12. Enjoy a new gadget

13. Appear in nice clothes

14. Counting my own money

15. Explore new places and historical building

16. Hike a mountain

17. Dancing in the rain

18. Win a competition

19. Hang out with family or friends

20. Playing sports

21. Cooking

22. Eating favourite fruits

23. Enjoying sunrise, sunset, rainy day, and rain

24. Got new motorcycle

25. Reading good books

26. Helping someone

27. Mastering new skills

28. Gardening

29. Just go travel to random places

30. Watch good movies

31. Capture all of it in pictures and videos


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