A couple weeks ago, I bought a Xiaomi Mi4. I didn’t know it was a WCDMA version after I bought it. The reason I bought is actually because I need a second phone that already supports 4G and I will use it only for my new business.

I only want to spend a little budget for my phone because I already have my primary phone.

Why Xiaomi Mi4?

As we all already know, Xiaomi priced their phones very affordable, much more affordable compared to the other vendors. As the Mi4, it was the flagship phone from Xiaomi before got replaced by Mi5 and Mi6 in the next couple months.


I believe, with $130 budget, there are not many phones that have good features. For example, Samsung only has Galaxy J1 series in that budget range. LG has K4, so I decided to buy a Chinese phone.

Why don’t choose that J1 or K4? Simple, a previous gen of flagship, surely better than low-end phone right now. That includes the screen feature, battery, sensors, performance, and the camera. Mi4 however, still a recommended phone until today. The price is much decreased from 2 years ago and we still can have a brand new Mi4.

Good Things About Xiaomi Mi4!

For a starter, I was really impressed by the camera. The primary camera has 13MP sensor and the aperture is really large, f/1.8. It also capable of recording a 4K video. The secondary camera is also impressive. The 8MP (really large even for now) also has f/1.8 aperture and can record 1080p video. Both primary and secondary camera can take very awesome photos and videos. Check the sample photos;

Next thing I like about Mi4 is the hardware performance. The hardware composed by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 3 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. MicroSD card is not supported, that is the only thing I hate from Mi4. With AnTuTu Benchmark 6.2, Mi4 got score 51.411. That’s quite powerful even for today. Running any apps is seamless, the graphics performance is also good thanks to Adreno 330, it capable to run a 3D game.


The other features are quite standard such as 3000 mAh battery with 2A charging and Full HD display. However, Mi4 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor and as I mentioned before, it lacks 4G LTE as well.

With all of Mi4 features, except the lack of 4G LTE, nothing that makes me disappointed. No brand new phones from Samsung or LG in the same price range can beat this Xiaomi Mi4.


If you need 4G and fingerprint sensor, one of the best options right there is the brother, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, everyone loves Note 3 (Snapdragon 650 version). Why I didn’t choose Redmi Note 3 is because I love the Mi4 camera and appearance. If you concern more for the performance, Redmi Note 3 is probably better.


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