do what you can do

Sometimes, when I look at some of my rivals in the business, I often get jealous or feel depressed because I cannot get close to them.

Then I remember one good advice, “Focus only on what you can do right NOW.” Do it now and start small.

Others may say “do what we can’t,” and sometimes I also agree to that. If you want to achieve a great thing, the unbelievable things, then we must do the impossibles.

But, if we are not ready, it will gives us pressures and we may get depressed. We make unattainable goals, then we fail, then we will lose our confident.

Winning small things is good for our energy and confident. Momentum is a very powerful tool to achieve goals.

Many successful people getting more and more successes after just achieving one success, sometimes; a very small goal.

Never underestimate small achieved goals if you want to achieve a big goal.

So, if you have one big goal, make steps of it, make some small steps, do one step at a time.

Focus achieving one goal over one another goal. When the time is right, and we are ready to do the great things, then the big goal will suddenly achieved.

The temptation to make big goals will certainly come. I did have many experiences making big unattainable goals, then fail then getting broke piece by piece.

Now I am just trying to only focus on what I can do right now. Maybe it’s not great yet, but enough to rebuild myself progressively.

So, how about you? Do you have any brilliant idea to achieve a goal after you lose confident?


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