I have some experiences about gadget. Sure I always looking for the best specs when I want to buy electronic product but there is one thing that I have to consider more than anything, durability.

There were time when I only consider specs but not the vendor. Vendor is very related to durability. It’s like comparing Yamaha with TVS, sure TVS is not bad at all, but we talk about comparison here.

Electronic has tendency to broke much faster than motorcycle or automotive products. Especially If you are not a careful person just like me. I have bad experiences about choosing laptop and smartphone.

At that time, I chose the highest specs with lowest price, guess what? It broken in half a year. The component that broken was power supply. Because there were a guarantee, it only cost small amount of money for delivery but I had to wait 2 months. Two months without laptop is a nightmare for most people, including me.

Then when I got motorcycle accident and I bring that laptop in my backpack, it all broken even though the laptop is considerably safe in there. After I take it to service center and they cannot fixed it, I said to myself, no more cheap brand.

Broken laptop screen
One of bad screen durability, dead pixel!

Smartphone and tablet are different story compared with laptop. It doesn’t really get that fast to broke all the things but it gets really slow after a year maybe. In other story, I got Samsung Grand 2 from 2013, and it still function just as fast as before after almost 3 years. There are lot of people hate Samsung and their TouchWiz, but not me. I admire Samsung durability.

There are still some stories about brand and durability. The point of all the stories is we have to choose the best product not only because of the specs but also the durability because we don’t want to replace our things every couple months right?!

For tech enthusiast, including me, having more than one product or replace every couple months is our needs. We like to compare old to new, faster speed, better features, etc. As average consumer, I still have to consider all things when I need to buy something. What about guys? Does specs is the only buying factor?