Pixel XL is the first 5.5-inch device entirely made in Google that aims to fight alongside the traditional flagship models to capture the prosperous ultra high-end market. Everything has been elevated to the highest level but with way costlier tag than Nexus phones. Can it make it really count? Check out the review below.


  • Powerful Android software
  • Newest high-end Snapdragon chipset
  • Top notch camera
  • Big battery capacity


  • More expensive than Nexus
  • No IP57/58 certification for waterproof (only Splash and dust resistant/ IP53)
  • No microSD card slot

google-pixel-xlThe Google Pixel XL is meant to be the successor of 2015 Nexus 6P heading to a new direction. While the Nexus is more relatable for developer and geeky Android enthusiast, the Pixel XL and its smaller brother Pixel is favoring more mainstream users, specifically those who are ready to splash a big budget in securing a powerful and stylish phone.

It bends metal and glass together, and the pop two-tone colors on the back signifies its status as a stylish device. The fingerprint sensor and primary camera on the upper back are covered in glass. Round to below the Quad HD screen, there’s no physical button as Google employs stock on-screen version that comes within its pure Android 7.1 Nougat.

The processor is none other than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821. If you haven’t experience a taste with Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe, then the Pixel XL is probably the first 821 handset that you’ll be able to try as almost every 2016 Android flagship to date still features 820. It promises 10% speed increase, but the fact that it packs 4GB of RAM also helps a lot. Similar to Nexus, the Pixel XL doesn’t have microSD slot so users will be forced to maintain their local files under 32GB or 128GB storage limits.

google-pixel-color-optionThe rear camera employs 12.3MP which doesn’t seem too big at a first glance but don’t let the resolution magnitude deceives you as in most cases a big resolution doesn’t necessarily translate into quality images. The Pixel XL packs large 1.55 micron pixels helping the lens capture more details in low-light condition although only has an f/2.0 aperture compared to f/1.8-1.8 in most flagship devices. Moving to the front an 8MP is present with standard quality that is just on par with any 8MP front snapper we’ve tested to date.

There’s no change in battery sector as Pixel XL still runs with 3450 mAh just like the Nexus 6P. But it’s more likely to survive longer considering the smaller display and the 821 which gives more efficiency to the powerhouse.

Tagged with $769 official price, the Pixel XL will battle against the upcoming LG V20 and the infamous duo of Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. If you are looking for a new flagship experience with popping colors, revolutionary camera, and pure Android, grab one of this beauty for yourself.