GoPro Hero5 Session is the latest iteration of a small, cubical model developed by the action camera pioneer with the capability of shooting video in 4K resolution and wider angles.

Although being dubbed as the lower version of Hero5 Black, the Session shares many top-notch features with its brother despite having a smaller size.

The action camera receives big upgrades that fill many of the loopholes found on the last year’s GoPro Hero4 Session. Undoubtedly, it has a more sophisticated camera sensor and aided by advanced video stabilization.

The camera records at both 2.7K and 4K resolution, and there’s a lot more field of view modes which definitely will help you record every adventurous moment more seamlessly. Those who concern about natural clatter in the background will be soothed by the wind noise reduction technology.


Just like its former version, the Hero5 Session only features small LCD and a few buttons. There’s no touchscreen as well, partly because its small size won’t be able to pack enough controls in display.

Traditionally, vloggers and adventurers alike strip their action cameras above head and on the chest. But the Hero5 Session offers you something you can’t do with any regular devices and even the Hero5 itself – the ability to carry it in your mouth and have a significantly more firm stabilization.

The device is compatible with any mounts available on the market, which are heavily adjusted to GoPro devices despite of many competitors. The Hero5 Session can also be paired with new GoPro Karma drone.

However, the camera lacks portability in the battery since you won’t be able to do quick replace. You either will have to diligently turn the device on and off whenever necessary, or, bringing along portable power banks to charge the device on the fly.

There are three new field of view modes offered in Hero5 Session: Superview, Linear and Narrow Join Wide, and Medium – alongside two traditional capturing modes – Time Lapse and Burst.

The GoPro Hero5 Session will be selling for $299 (£249, AU$459), at $100 higher than the 2015 version. The extra price is totally worth it since the new iteration brings a lot of improvements over its specifications. The device will be released on October 2 starting from United States.