Sleep, sleep more.



Eat better (less sugar, plant based,

Don’t be stress, ashamed, self-critical, angry.

Talk good to yourself, be nice, forgive.

Get to know your future self.

Image a failure future, predict it!

Pessimism, optimistic people tend to give up sooner, optimistic will get shocked.

Pessimism think they gonna fail, so they make another better plan.

If you just wait with patience they will go away. Any craving, any emotion will eventually pass if you can just breathe and wait, wait it out. But yo don’t have to act on every impulse or emotion. Surfing the urge.

Feel the body when you got strong emotion or stress, anxiety for example. Just breathe, feel it…


Be Conscious
Make new goals
Do challenges regularly because when you have achieved one challenge, it gets back to zero
While if you have the challenge, you will get energized, do outside your comfort
Get into flow state (deep creative state (eg, writing), the task needs to be challenging.

More to be added….


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