Live like kids makes you feel the time is running slower, and we can live longer.

What kids do?

1. Learning.

Keep learning new things, new skills, as it will give us many information to process, then we will feel that the time wasted is very long.

2. New places.

Everytime we as a kid visit a new place, we had to process all the new information because we never visited before. As we grew older, sometimes we are trapped in a daily routine and don’t want to change. As a result, we only have repeating experiences, that means; fewer information to process, faster time to feel.

3. Meet new people.

As a kid, we embrace meeting new people, of course sometimes we also hated it because you know, they like kids, we as kids didn’t really like old people 😀

how to live longer by slowing down the time

As we become adult, our networks become limited as well. It’s not good because we don’t get new experience, means short lives.

4. Try New Activities.

Still about getting new information from experiences; activities. Adult people mostly are boring. They do the same activities since wake up until sleep again.

At least, once a week, do something new. If possible, make a daily schedule to do new things.

5. Be spontaneous.

We, adult, are coward. We don’t like facing an unplanned things happen to us. We like everything to happen exactly as we expect.

That is one of the reason why our day can last very fast even without we realize it.

So, just let everything happen dude. Follow the flow…


This post is based on my own problem. I feel that 5 years is just feels like a year. I want to change it. 

Now, what am I gonna do?? Let’s make plan.


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