How to Action! These are the rules!

  1. Don’t overthink!
  2. Just start. Plan will get you nowhere, take that first step! No matter how small it is.
  3. Forget perfection. Just get going.
  4. Focus on the important action. Pick one, focus on that. Clear all distractions.
  5. Move slowly and consciously.
  6. Take small steps. Each step is a victory and will bring further victories.
  7. Positive thinking!
  8. Meeting, talking, planning, reading, are not actions! Do the things!
  9. Think again if it’s necessary thing to do.

How to complete tasks?

  1. Keep the scope as simple as possible. Take a small thing as possible.
  2. Practice “Good Enough”. Perfectionism is the enemy. Done is better than right. Screw it and try for good enough. Make it batter in the next version.
  3. Kill extra features. Simplifying the scope.
  4. Make it public quickly. Don’t worry about perfect. Make it better then.

How to overcoming biggest obstacle to create?

  1. Distraction: Clear them away. Focus on tools, equipment that we need to work.
  2. Fantasies about how easy and nice the creation. It’s not! It will be hard and messy but we should beĀ grateful for the opportunity.
  3. Fear of failure. How do you ever get good if you don’t try? You have to suck for a long time. We have to have fun to enjoy everything that will happen. Play with it. Get it better little by little.
  4. Discomfort with the difficulty. It is discomfort to face confusion. Just feel it, accept it, realise that it will be okay, keep going.
  5. Perfectionism. Embrace shitty first draft. Edit anything later.
  6. Urge to switch. Use timer. Feel the urge but stay there.
  7. Interruptions. Go somewhere quite.
  8. Not enough time. Do it for a short time, really short, 5 minutes. Add 5 minutes, add another….
  9. Being tired. We can work even if we tired, we just need to really want it, badly.
  10. Negative self-talk. Paying attention. Shine some lights. Force to stay.


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