Being positive all the time is not easy but it’s not that difficult either. In a way to stay positive, we also have to take care of our willpower. Bad things will consume our willpower and we will easily get tired and feel bad.

Then how to stay positive, we can do this 10 habits:

1. Focus on an optimistic thought and question in every problem

Look to the bright side, look at the positive in every problem we got. We should ask and answer with positive mind about what happen and we can look for the benefit from what happen.

2. Live with positive environment

Good living place will give you positive energy too, but of course it is not enough.

3. Consume positive information

We should be more careful when choosing information to read, hear and watch. Bad news will influence our mind to think about negativity.

4. Being close to good people

Good people are good people. Some will not like it because they think good people are full of lies, but that’s because they are in fact already have negative mind. I am not saying words nice people because mostly, nice people are people who trying to be nice, good people are not. Good people already been good and nice, naturally.

5. When problem happen, try to rest a bit and go slowly

We should rest and calm our mind when bad thing happen. We should think clearly about what make this problem happen and then we can go slowly to fix the problem. Sometimes, we forgot a small thing that make the problem happen.

6. Keep going to achieving what we want

Don’t ever doubt yourself that you can’t do what you expect to do, that is definitely a negative energy. Stay positive and believe in yourself that you can achieve it, we can.

7. Do and say positive things to other people

I believe that karma exist. It’s simple, what we do to other, we will get it too from one or another way. Do good thing to others and say positive words to people, we will get it too.

8. Build health habit, exercise regularly, eat and sleep well

Healthy habit is difficult to form but we can have it if we consistently practice the schedule. Start to eat a good healthy food, sleep well and enough, and we can exercise regularly, doesn’t have to be a hard exercise.

 9. Take criticism in a healthy way and not personal

Bad words and criticism sometimes can destroy our spirit and motivation. To avoid that, always remember, what people say to us, mostly coming from something about themselves. We must take any criticism with ease mind and never take it personally. Don’t response directly when you got bad words from others, calm and think first, then response or just leave it. We can learn from anybody, maybe those critics can build us become a better person.

10. Start a day with a positive activity

Start the morning with good habits. We can walk the garden, do running, read a good story while enjoying coffee, or doing what we love and important to us, writing a book perhaps. If you are not a morning person, then you can do those habits too, only in different time.


Being positive is about how we take care of what we think and say. If we practice to think in a positive way, everything will be just okay, even a problem. We can enjoy this world more and have a good life, yeah, life’s too good.


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