Back 2-3 years ago, I bought myself a chair that was really cheap used on my working table. It was fine until last couple weeks, my body feels really tired when sitting in a long time.

Then I started to consider to buy a new office chair, it doesn’t need to be very expensive. Although previously I was going to make a kneeling chair by myself, it turns out I have no time yet to build that by my own.

In the next day, after I was looking for a gift for my friend’s birthday, I went to furniture chair. There quite many choices for my living place standard but very limited if compared to other stores generally.

I asked the shopkeeper about the cheapest office chair that I can get. Well, there is one, very cheap, it’s around 15 US dollars. The chair has no armrest, though, then I asked again the cheapest chair that has the armrest. He showed me some chairs also with the price tag.

There are chairs priced around $35, and there is one that very attracts me, priced around $80.

I seated on those chairs because the only way we can sure which one’s the most comfortable for us is by sit on it.

After comparing some chairs, I was sure enough to get the chair that interest me the most. I bought it and this is my small working table with new affordable office chair.


Yeah, the plastic is still there 😀

I just moved to a new place, that’s why I keep the working area and tools as simple as it can, because I have a plan to move to a permanent place, hopefully, it will be soon.

How’s the chair feels?

I do really love the backrest design to keep my back and hips in a good posture. The material and foam are quite comfortable. My body keeps normal even when I sit for a long duration, but of course, I make a new good habit as well, now I always stand and do some short exercise after an hour or two, you should do that too.

Even though the price of this office chair is very affordable, the features are enough for me. I can adjust the seat height with a hydraulic system, I also can enable/disable the rocking base ( I am not sure about the words). What I still need and this chair is lacking is I cannot adjust the armrest. Somehow, the armrest is too low for me, it’s not that bad, though, it’s just will be very nice if I can adjust it. What I know from the shopkeeper, I can get that feature (armrest adjustment) from $200 office chair that he also showed it to me while I am still in the store.

If you are still using a bad chair for working, based on my experience, get a new office chair as soon as you can before it’s too late. I am too late.

However, you can buy an office chair based on your budget and priority. If my budget is unlimited, I am sure I will get that popular Herman Miller chair and I am sure enough someday I can afford it.

Or if you don’t really like the design from that company, there are still so many great office chairs. An expensive chair is worth the money because it’s an investment. We can work better, longer, and our body gets healthier too.


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