Based on Zauba (importer company, kind of) listing, first shipment of the OnePlus 3 final units has entered India. The first batch totals 7200 units of OnePlus 3 has value of INR 22,858 ($341) for each unit.

The rumour though, said that the price of OnePlus 3 will be around INR 25,000 or about $370. At least those two numbers are still significantly less than than CNY 2,999 or $460 price of the initial 1000 units sold in China.

UPDATE: OnePlus 3 is officially official and cost quite still very affordable. OnePlus 3 comes in one version, 64 GB storage and 6 GB of RAM (the other version that based on rumour is still rumour). There is no slot to expand the storage with microSD. The price however, $399 in the US, CAD 519 in Canada, £309 in the UK, and €399 in Continental Europe.

Or perhaps, the difference of the price is because the specs are different. As we know, OnePlus 3 will comes in two RAM options, 4 and 6 GB. We are not sure about that. If the final price matched with the Zauba listing information, 1000 people in China probably will ask the refund.


The official announcement of OnePlus 3 will take place on June 15 or 3 days from now. That’s when we will know for sure the final price of OnePlus 3.

If the price is close to what Zauba reveals, OnePlus 3 (even for 4 GB option) will be one of the best phone deal this year. The price even about the half price of other flagship from Korean company. The specs as we know will be a flagship class to, including Snapdragon 820, high-class camera, and others. Sure some of the features are still behind the Galaxy S7 for example, but it’s still very affordable for that kind of specifications.

No wonder if the OnePlus always got their loyal customers since the first gen. The second generation of OnePlus is not as hot as the first one because of the reduction of some important features (for some users).

There is also no need an invite to get this OnePlus 3 but we have to wait until the units are available to buy. Sure we can understand it because the production capacity is not as big as some of their rivals. Still, this flagship phone is worth to wait. How about you guys, do you want to get one of these?