The latest version of smaller iPad slate still performs very well in terms of functionality. It is still to receive the newly-introduced iOS 10.0.2 but we’ll focus to get into the features in hand. With a display range slightly above phablet, the iPad Mini 4 has a slew of advantages that you really need to consider.

With the addition of iPad Pro last year, the Cupertino company now has released three different tablet models alongside Air and Mini. The bigger version received more attention at its launch, but doesn’t mean that iPad Mini is getting out of competition.


  • Vivid screen
  • Lighter form factor
  • Huge app support


  • No 3D Touch
  • Old chipset


The design still borrows the same approach from its first iteration, but comes in relatively lighter weight. You’ll notice that the bezels are still too wide, considering how far Android manufacturers –like Huawei – has managed to trim it down.

The best part of this slate is the screen. Apple squeezed the 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution into the 7.9-inch display, resulting in clearer and crispier appearance rather than any other iPads. Amazingly, the screen has also evolved into non-reflective display, giving you more comfort when playing things around under direct sunlight.

Powering the iPad Mini 4 is the Apple A8 chipset similar to iPhone 6 series. Many consider the arm stand vis-a-vis against the new mid-range Snapdragon 617, although it is safe to say that we experienced little to none of sluggishness under heavy operation. The processor is coupled with 2GB of RAM, which is just standard nowadays.

The iPads traditionally enjoy big support from iOS developers in terms of app compliance. While there are many notable Android apps that specifically only cater phone devices, the iPads don’t suffer the same fate in AppStore due to significantly easier screen and resolution size mapping.

You’ll notice that the 5124 mAh battery is amazingly durable. Under heavy operations, the device still managed to stand for 10 hours. This number will extend dramatically – to 1 or 2 days – when you lower down the use.

Speaking of the camera department, the iPad Mini 4 sports 8MP iSight primary lens similar to iPad Air 2. It wasn’t meant to act as a reliable snapper at the first place, and will never be. But it still has some potentials although will be rarely used.

We really love the details on the screen and the anti-glare feature. It’s easier on the eyes especially under direct sunlight. But considering the long term usability of tablet, the powerhouse might be the most concerning sector here with the internal specification only match 2016 Android mediocre tablets.

The 16GB base model (Wi-Fi only) currently sells at $340, while the 64GB one comes with a $440 tag. Double up the capacity and you’ll be paying $100 more.