Let me ask; do you prefer success or failure?

Even me who have learned to like failure will obviously answer; I choose success!

But the problem is; our love for excessive success will actually makes us afraid of failure, while to get success, usually we need to fail first.

Love in love with the failures

If we are afraid of failure, even though we must failed to be succeed, we may never felt the success, because we are not willing to fail first.

That’s why, from now on I will learn to prefer failure. I want to fall in love with failure.

Failures, I love you !!

Yes, it’s a bit weird, loving a failure? But that’s okay, after all, if I fail often, there must be a successful in the next step, I’m sure 100%.

When we tried 10 times, and all ten fail, maybe one more step will be successful.

Don’t give up when the actual process of your struggle only needs one more step.

Don’t ever blame fate, because we don’t know anything about fate until it really happens … So, before our wishes come true, just keep trying, maybe that is the fate; Hard effort first then get succeeded. As long we never ever give up!

Our love for failure will foster enthusiasm to do various things we want to do. We will no longer be afraid if the results of what we do are not suit with our expectations, because we even expect that there will be many failures until the success comes.

Want more proof?

Do you know that the number of failures of successful people is actually much more than people who failed?

The great author produced more failed writing articles than failed writers!

Successful entrepreneurs are more often fail to sell merchandise than they who fail to be a successful entrepreneurs.

That’s the proof that to get a success we need to fail more.

Until there will be a point when everything will unite to form a success that makes people jealous without wanting to know how long the struggle behind the success.

Let’s learn to love failure first.


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