Every year, most of big phone vendors launch their best products to the market. Not only the flagship, if the company is not Apple Inc, the mid and low-end phones also get updated every year.

Look at Samsung, they update the Galaxy A series every year, as well as the Galaxy J and of course the flagship, Galaxy S and Note series, yeah we all know the 2016’s Note is dead.

Also there is LG that update their low, mid, and flagship series every year.

Now, I want to make a list for the most awaited phones that will be launched in 2017 from any vendors. Here we go!

OnePlus 4

This list is sorted randomly and I just want to put the OnePlus 4 on the first position. If you ask the reason why the OnePlus 4 will be hot, my simple answer is the price. OnePlus looks consistently making their products affordable every year. Sure the price is increases but also the others right?!

Only with US$400 budget, we can have a flagship performance phone. I love it. Most of tech guys also love it though.

Xiaomi Mi6

Couple hours ago, there was a leak for AnTuTu benchmark from what it believed Xiaomi Mi6. The score is awesome; 210,329. If the leak is true, at least we know the performance standard in this 2017. We all know some flagship phones will use Snapdragon 835 including this Mi6, OnePlus 4, LG G6, Galaxy S8 USA market, ZenFone 4 Deluxe maybe, and some other flagship phones.

As the price, Xiaomi is increasing their price tag every year but still more affordable than Korean vendors and the top 3 Chinese vendors. I believe the Mi6 will be still affordable compared with other flagship phones. There was rumour that the design is similar with the Mi Note 2, actually it’s not that bad considering the Samsung and Apple also do similar thing.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8?

Sure the Galaxy S8 will be the top selling flagship phone compared with the other flagship android phones. Many features from Note7 also will be on the Galaxy S8 including Iris Scanner, rumour said. The design is not that dramatically changed from Galaxy S7 that already very beautiful. More over, yesterday there was a leak about Galaxy S8 photo, we are not sure if that’s the real S8 or just a photoshopped S8.

The fail of Note7 makes us wondering what Samsung will do about it. If there will be a Note8, probably the specs will be the highest, rumour said that Note8 will use 4K display. I really hope they will use different chipset than S8, just like the Note series long time ago.


Do they will keep the modular design or will use the regular boring design like the other players? Rumour said that G6 will use more affordable design, what I think of that is unibody design, maybe with waterproof as well.

Apple iPhone 7s

I am not sure if Apple will make a significant differences of iPhone 7s compared to current iPhone 7, let’s hope they will. Anyway, the iPhone 7 is one of the best phone out there, best performance too, Apple really did a good job with their chips.

Huawei P10

Currently there is no rumour yet about the next Huawei P series. As the Huawei P9 is really attract people’s attention because of the dual back camera. I am quite sure that Huawei will create one step ahead feature again with their next flagship, or maybe not.

Asus Zenfone 4 series

Zenfone was an affordable phone, until it’s not. Zenfone 3 is not that cheap compared to the previous gen but they make the design and quality better too, significant! I am note really a fan of Asus Zenfone but no doubt I am waiting for the next Zenfone.

Motorola Moto Z Successor

Ah, the Moto Z is beautiful, at least for me. I have no clue about how their new owner will name it, Moto Z2? Maybe not. Let’s wait for it. By the way I love how they created the MotoMod, hopefully they will keep it.

BlackBerry DTEK70 Mercury

There were many rumours and leaks on internet. I personally love the BlackBerry physical keyboard. I also think that the BlackBerry should focus on business and professional consumers, just like old times.

All Nokia’s Android

We all wait this moment since long time ago. Nokia did wrong way with their decision for not using Android OS in the first time. Now they will build their empire from base level. Still, they are a big company with strongest brand, or is it still?

Rumours said that Nokia will make some Android phones for entry-level, mid-level, and flagship class. Total there will be 7 phones until the end of this year, let’s see….

Sony XZ Successor

I love Sony, I love how the brand keep the image on highest level, exclusive, premium, expensive. However, to survive in this phone war, company must focus on very few products, or make many products to fulfil different needs. Sony priced their affordable phones too high, and from what I see, Sony was too late to provide the units after they launch the products.

Sony’s fan still believe that Sony is still very popular in 2016 even placed on second place after Note7 fail. I agree and disagree.

Google Pixel Successor

Pixel is actually the best experience android phone right now. Not surprising because it was designed by the same company as the Android owner. The camera is also the best right now although not that far from Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 Plus. I just curious what Google will do in 2017 with their “official” phones.

Okay guys, those are my top hot awaited phones in 2017. Hope you can give your opinion about it, what do you guys really wait for in 2017? Leave in the comment.