The Motorola Moto G Play 2016 (Moto G4 Play) is the least of the collection in the forth iteration of the long successful budget line from the company. As the new owner of Motorola, Lenovo has bumped up the price in hope of improving the overall capability of the handset, giving it a lot of bargain in fighting more severe competition in the lower mid-range level from other top smartphone makers.


  • Decent camera
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Removable battery
  • Water repellent


  • No gyroscope sensor
  • No fingerprint scanner
  • No NFC


Speaking of the design, the G Play 2016 is the lightest of them all, weighing only 137 grams at 8.95 mm of thickness. The design looks decidedly simple, primarily because the Motorola themselves traditionally has done a lot of design approaches. It doesn’t waste much space as there are slim bezels all around the screen. The edges are curvy and giving the user more comfortable palm grip. It also comes with water-repellent nano-coating technology to help protect against accidental liquid spills. However, do take note, this is not waterproof like those with IP7x-something certifications.

The 5-inch screen only stands at 720p (HD) resolution without any significant difference in day-to-day use. It fits your pocket nicely even with a rugged case around it. The IPS LCD display is crisp and bright, as visibility were never troubling even under the sunlight exposure. The viewing angles is also relatively wide.

Motorola Moto G Play 2016 packs 64-bit, quad-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm 410 chipset coupled with 2GB of RAM which may not the best option any gamers could choose. The Adreno 306 GPU isn’t that fit for mobile gaming here, but if you are not really into it, then this handset will provide you with plenty of performance and long battery life.

Despite only featuring 8-megapixel of primary lens, the Moto G Play 2016 surprisingly managed to capture decent quality of images on par with those who came with 13-megapixel alike. While it can’t catch much details in low-light scenario, shooting still objects under standard room light should be just fine. The 5-megapixel front camera would help you take proper selfies too.

The handset is powered by 2800 mAh replaceable battery, indicating that it was directed towards more savvy costumers who look for long-term usage. The 16GB of storage can be pumped up to 128GB by employing microSD card. For those who favour for clean Android implementation, the device runs 6.0.1 version with near stock UI which allows you to experience pure Marshmallow experience.

Conclusions: For a $150 device ($99 if you opt for Amazon Prime edition with built-in ads), Moto G Play 2016 has plenty to offer. The hardware and software is reliable and seamlessly works with many apps at the same time. It’s unlocked too, meaning you can jump out from one carrier to another without worry.