I don’t like cables. This year, I am gonna get rid all of them. How though?

First; Mouse!

I need mouse, and the good one is the one with cable, mostly. Gaming mouse is the best for me, it has multi-buttons, multi-functions, customizable, and it has good optics and good buttons. But wireless gaming mouse is quite expensive isn’t it, so I just bought the Logitech B175. It is one of the cheapest wireless mouse right now, and because it is a Logitech, I have no worry for the reliability.

Second, Speaker!

I don’t mind using a regular earphone/headphone with cable, but external speaker? I need a wireless one.

best cheapest Wireless mouse and bluetooth speaker

So I did get a wireless speaker or a Bluetooth Speaker. The cheapest available but has good quality is the JBL Go first generation. I was getting even more affordable. It is a local brand, it’s very good for the price. I am not sure about the reliability, but I believe it is a good brand from a good and respectable company.

Third, PowerBank!

Again, I don’t really mind a short cable for this thing. If I have to plug an adapter everytime I got a low battery condition, that’s surely bother me.

With the powerbank, I am still able to move around with my phone getting charged. I bought the Xiaomi 10.000 mAh power bank. It is cheap, has very good build quality, and I believe in their reliability.

Next step!

I need a long-life battery laptop. Even better, laptop with USB Type-C charging ability such as MacBook series. I still hope some laptop vendors like Asus, Acer, or Lenovo, can produce affordable laptops with USB Type-C charging system.

Of course I can use tablet as laptop replacement, but it’s just cannot manage it yet.

So, that’s it!

I am getting rid of serious cable little by little with a very limited budget.

After those needs are full-filled, I am gonna move to the next step; such as wireless headphone, wireless charging, etc etc…


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