What I like, what I want, what I need, this is my 2016 wish list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

I really like to write, sketch, make a plan, write an idea, with pen. I am really bad at typing on touchscreen, that’s why I need stylus. There are not many phones that has this feature. Galaxy Note 6 that will be launched on the next couple months will be the one I should have. I really hope that the Note 6 will be waterproof.

HTC 10

I have several SIM cards, that’s why it’s okay for me to have more than one phone at a time. My choice would be the new HTC 10. The performance is comparable with Galaxy S7 for example, but it is tougher. I don’t need to worry too much when I accidentally drop this phone. As the claim, HTC 10 passed some drop tests because the frame and the material is also tough. Life is though, I need tough phone. Another reason I choose this phone over let say Huawei P9, LG G5, or the other 5.5 inch and bigger screen phone is because my hand is actually small. It will be really comfortable to hold and keep my phone on my jeans pocket. HTC 10 and Galaxy S7 is the best size, the Mi 5 too actually.

iPhone 5 SE

The reason why I want this iPhone SE is because I love it, enough said. The design is really good and for me, this design (since iPhone 5) is the best iPhone original design. The frame looks really sturdy and manly. Also, the performance is match the big brother, iPhone 6s, as well as the primary camera. What I don’t like from this iPhone is tha small battery, I hope it can be bigger.

So there are 3 phones in my wish list, I need them all because like I said, I have more than 1 SIM cards, it’s 5 actually.

MacBook Air 13″

I am a blogger and video maker. I need best laptop to carry mobile and has good performance. I have tested the MacBook Air keyboard and I love it. I can type faster and comfortable on the MacBook Air, no doubt because this MacBook is one of the best keyboard on laptop. For video editing, on mobile of course, this laptop also has good performance and enough to edit even a 4K video. What I like more, the battery life, 12 – 14 hours for normal usage is awesome yoo!

MacBook Pro 15″

Yeah sure there are iMac or Mac Pro but they are not mobile. I still live not in one place but also not nomad, I still need to take my devices to mobile. I can work from my house, my office, my parent’s house, and the other house. If MacBook Air is truly for mobile, then the Pro is for semi. I probably will use external LED display connected to the MacBook Pro. The 15″ version is very powerful and it also equipped by dedicated graphics card so I can render my video editing faster than the Air version.

iPad Pro

My personal wishlist for 2016

I love to watch movies, explore amazing photograph, while the Android tablet is still stuck, the best choice now is the iPad Pro. It has enough power, enough display, and it support the Apple Pencil. I don’t always bring tablet all the time where ever I go mobile because I already have big screen smartphone, but sometimes I need much bigger screen than smartphone, 10″ is perfect.

Nikon D750

I am a photographer enthusiast, I think I need to upgrade my gear this year. Nikon D750 no doubt is on of the best DSLR right now. It is not as compact as mirrorless for mobile, but I don’t really care actually. As long as the image will be superb, that’s perfect for me. Most of the time, I shot landscape and architecture, only sometimes I shot portrait. Nikon D750 is good for video as well but I think I need another gear for that.

Sony a6300/ Samsung NX1

And the gear for the video producing is Sony a6300 or maybe Samsung NX1. I still can’t decided yet, both of them are really awesome in video producing. For photo, of course they are very capable as the Nikon D750 but like I said, I like to shot landscape, Full Frame camera will be the best format for that.

Yamaha YZF R25/ R3

This is not gadget I know, but I didn’t say anything about gadget right?! I love riding motorcycle and right now I already ride sport bike. This year, I planned to upgrade my ride to bigger cylinder but not that big. Yamaha R25 is enough for me, or probably Ninja 250, or even the CBR250RR that will comes soon. They are good bikes anyway.

Okay, those are my wish list that I plan to buy this year. Not all of them can be bought this year though, start with the most I needed.

I will update this page when I have something in mind… Hope you like it bro..


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