As we already know, Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is already using this chipset, the Exynos 7870. The performance is not bad but not comparable with mid-class SoC from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 652 for example, not even to Snapdragon 625.

Sure the 14nm of Exynos 7870 is very efficient in term of power needs, about 30% less power than 28nm chipset. It’s just will be boring if the next Galaxy A5 and A7 2017 will be using this same chipset as Galaxy J7, doesn’t make senses.

Galaxy J7 got score around 49.000 with AnTuTu Benchmark, the next Galaxy A5 and A7 if it is true they will use Exynos 7870, then the score will be not far from around 50.000. Asus ZenFone 3 standard edition with Snapdragon 625, got around 60.000 with AnTuTu Benchmark, it’s just not interesting, Samsung!

After Note7 tragedy, many people change their mind about Samsung. Even me, I am one of Samsung users for like 3 years, and now I am not that enthusiast anymore to Samsung phones.

As for the other specs based on AnTuTu database, Galaxy A7 2017 will be using Full HD display (probably Super AMOLED), 3GB RAM, 16MP/16MP camera (that’s quite an improvement), big internal storage 64GB, and Android 6.0.


Samsung Galaxy A series is only one class lower than the flagship. Consumers surely expect a high-end specs below the flagship class. If the Galaxy J7 series already using the 7870 chipset and we all know about the performance, why we should wait for Galaxy A5 and A7 2017?

I mean, people will still buy this next A series because yeah, it’s Samsung and people just don’t know which phone to buy, and Galaxy A series is a beautiful phone. What I really expect is the hardware performance because now the flagship is already at 3 times better performance compared with Exynos 7870 for example. The Galaxy A5/A7 series 2017 should at least have same performance with mid-end phones from Chinese manufacturers.

Again, good phones is not about performance only but we all know newest phone that not even promote performance as the main strength, has very high score on benchmark, I mean iPhone 7. Performance is really matters!