I graduated from high school in 2010 and suddenly, now is 2017.

It’s not like I did nothing since 7 years ago, in fact, I studied in college for 4 years. If I calculate those 4 years, then it’s only 3 years of my life that I feel nothing.

Funny thing is, since 2010, my mind is fulfilled with business, how to get rich, how to get what I want, how to achieve my dream, that! That makes me feel nothing for this beautiful life except feeling stressed, as long as 7 years.

What I am going to do then?

I don’t want to fall deeper in meaningless life. I want to live this life, consciously.

I want to feel every day as a meaningful life, I will do many things, I will learn more new things, visit new places, I don’t want to get trapped in a dead circle of life.

That is including working everyday and do nothing else.

Money is not a purpose in this life, money is only a medium, tools.

I love working, but not for money.

In this life, my responsibility is not to work to get money, it’s to learn, it’s to be helpful to the others, to experience, to be grateful, to love someone – people, to make a better place.


Meaningful life


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