I found an amazing article about what to prepare, what should we do now to facing the future. Here is the original page, and I want to make a resume list for my self remembrance.

1. We can’t figure out the future

We don’t know what will happen to us in the future, how the world will change. Everything that will happen, will change us, will decide us about what we will do in that situation. We can only do what we can do now. Start build things, make things, learn skills, go adventure, and make friends, those will help in the future.

2. Learn to be good at discomfort

Best thing is usually hard. Try from now to exercise a little, build business, writing a blog, meditating. Little by little.

3. Learn to be good with uncertainty

Not knowing = open many more possibility.

If we are good at discomfort and uncertainty, we can travel the world with low cost while write a book, blogging it, start a biz, live in foreign country, learn to program, create software, work with a start up, create magazine with other writers, etc.

What to do with our life

4. Overcome distraction and procrastination

When we are avoiding discomfort, we will procrastinate… So learn to overcome all those problem. Make it happen, JUST DO IT!

5. Learn about our mind

Study about how the mind works. Write a blog to express, meditate! Learn to control our minds.

6. Make some money!

We can get better with practice. Make people believe. Build trust. Start investing!

7. Build something small

Don’t waste time on something that not useful. Build things from now. Can be writing web app, create a blog, video channel, starting business. At the end, we will have something great that we built.

Start from small, build it regularly.

8. Become trustworthy

Showing up on time, do the best on every task, being honest, admit mistakes and fixing them, meet deadlines, be a good person, etc.

9. Ready for opportunities

Take risks, while still young.
We can’t know what’s the future will be like. We can only prepare to do anything we want.

Life will not be boring!

Dream to be an entrepreneur, start business, take over the world. If we prepare for that, we can do anything in other career.


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