Galaxy Note 6 probably will be launched in August or earlier. From reliable source, Samsung are testing 2 type of Galaxy Note 6 right now, one with curved display, another with flat display just like regular Note series (except Note Edge). Only one type will be launched while another will be not. I really hope they make the best decision on this.

As the news, Galaxy Note 6 will brings higher specs than Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge while both of them are already very powerful.

The Galaxy Note 6 will be equipped with 5.8-Inch Super AMOLED display with QHD resolution (curved or flat still unknown), same dual pixel 12 MP camera just like Galaxy S7 series, bigger RAM with 6 GB, and 4000 mAh battery.

As for the chipset, there are two possibilities that Samsung will use in Galaxy Note 6. The first is unnamed Exynos chipset with better performance for sure compared with Exynos 8890 in the Galaxy S7. The second one is Snapdragon 823. Just like Galaxy S7, I believe Samsung will make two version of Galaxy Note 6 based on the chipset type depend on the region.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Remember this?

The internal storage will be 32 GB and expandable with microSD card. Fingerprint sensor is surely there but there is rumor that it will accompanied by iris scanner for better security feature.

What we still don’t know for sure; does it will be waterproof and dust proof like the S7, is the S-Pen brings better features, and the battery, is it removable or not.

Well, I have my personal expectation about that. As we know if the design is not unibody (removable battery), for most of the possibility, there will be no waterproof certified. I however, prefer waterproof than removable battery because I can still bring power bank but it will be very difficult to make the phone waterproof and usable at the same time even with waterproof case.

The S-Pen on Galaxy Note 5 is already perfect for me but sure it will be awesome if Samsung make new features and functions for the Stylus. As for the OS, Note 6 probably wait until Android N officially launched so Note 6 can uses it from the first day.

The Galaxy Note 6 specs data above probably accurate 100% but there is still a possibility that Samsung change some features. Anyway, what about you guys, what’s your expectation for the next Galaxy Note 2016?