If you are not in the US, how to get this amazing phone then?

Galaxy Active series is always making me cry because I really want it but the phone looks always exclusive to the provider in the US, especially AT&T.

Galaxy S7 Active is officially launched but only for AT&T, I just don’t get it. Why Samsung makes this terrible decision. Is there a contract between them, or what.

Many people of the world really want this Active series because not everybody want to have glass phone like the regular S7 or S6. Me especially, I prefer ugly phones as long as they have amazing features and specs, just like this Galaxy S7 Active.


4000 mAh battery! That’s awesome. Shatter-resistant screen? Well, it’s tough but I think only able to prevent drops and you know. The build is matched with military standard and it brings the Galaxy S7 hardware including the chipset, memory, and the superb camera.

So how we (that are not in the US) can get this Galaxy S7 Active?

Based on my short research, outside US citizen actually can be able to buy Galaxy Active but only in refurbish condition. Currently, we can get Galaxy S6 Active in some online stores. It’s unlocked so no worry about the SIM card. It’s company’s refurbish, so the quality is quite guaranteed.

Galaxy S7 Active Color Choice

As for the Galaxy S7 Active, I guess we have to wait until somebody sell their phone or return or I don’t know. The point is, we (outside the US) can’t have the Galaxy S7 Active in new condition.

I hope Samsung Company read this article. Hello Samsung, why don’t you make this phone available in other countries too? Why? I really like this Galaxy S7 Active and I am sure there are thousand of people of the world have same taste with me.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is the most recommended phone from Samsung, even if we compare it with Note 6/7 except if you love stylus, and except if you are a stylist kind of person. I, however, think that the Galaxy S7 Active design is very beautiful, on its way, I love it.