There were many cases about cracked glass in the rear camera lens area. People complain a lot about it. Some people still be lucky if the broken glass didn’t affecting the photo quality, some people get worse when the camera lens glass is totally broken.

This morning, this problem happened to me. I don’t really remember how this happened, I just realized when I playing with my phone several hours after the moment that possibly where my camera glass broken.

Fortunately the photo result is still good but now I am thinking, even when I didn’t drop my phone, my camera lens glass can be broken too. How if I drop it badly?

Some phones nowadays already using sapphire glass for the camera lens area. There are still too many phones that are only protect the glass with big bezel from plastic or metal.

What I don’t understand, how the company even passing the phone to go to the market, didn’t they test it first?

There is no point of using metal frame, metal body, if the camera glass can be cracked easily. Then yeah, all companies mush use better glass, strongest glass for camera lens area, maybe sapphire glass is one of them, I don’t know.

Of course it cannot be for all the phones, maybe just medium-high class that can use sapphire glass as the price of this material is not cheap.

How about you, do you think my opinion is worth to consider?