I know that daily SUSTAINED action brings RESULTS. Every sustained action, NO MATTER HOW SMALL will bring RESULTS

The key to success is CONSISTENCY.

If you have goal to reach, dream to achieve, then you have to COMMIT to do the daily actions. No matter how small, as long as we keep doing it, EVERY SINGLE DAY, then it’s only a matter of time for us to get the RESULT, success!

Many people, including me often times, setting goal too big, and have that big energy on the first day, then we lose that energy on second day. What’s wrong with it?

Big goal is fine, but commitment should be SMALL, EASY, until it becomes a habit, then we can increase it little by little, PROGRESSIVE!

One small action everyday

It will be a bloody hard if we set a big commitment in the starting point. Yeah maybe it will worked on the first day, then on second day it will all mess up.

I am not just talking here, I am sharing my experience, failing everytime because of a too big commitment, I can’t survive the challenge.

Sometimes I insist to set a “Hard Working” mode. I set a big target for a week or month, it’s because the time is limited.

Often times, it failed. It doesn’t work like that man!

Hard work mode is fine for me, but it’s not the way to build a long term success. Process is needed. Start from small, then we do the sustained actions, someday the success will come.

The only thing that will fail us is a GIVE UP. So, don’t ever give up my friends, we are running to get the dreams, it will be achieved one way or another, just keep running, don’t ever stop. Rest is fine, but continue after that. Do those small commitments. Just do it!


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