While watching “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” there is one valuable lesson, very valuable for internet life, especially for a creator and writers.

Little story; comparing from all media, including blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others, YouTube is the toughest challenge for content creator like me.

The second might be Instagram; but I am not very active on IG, which is why I have never had a bad experience from the commentators.

On YouTube, I have had several HORRIBLE comments because it is very, very personal. Attacking the person, not the content.

First rule of the internet for content creator

And I can’t ignore it; finally, I closed the comment section, even one time, I deleted the my voice from my video; then replaced with a back-sound music.

They sometimes have cruel comments. Not that I never comment anything offensive, but it seems I will not be as cruel as them.

Well, from the “Ralph Breaks the Internet”; I am aware of one thing; that I should have ignored bad comments; just focus on positive comments and responses.

Even the fact; there are only a few of negative comments compared to the positive one.

The video I was talking about; currently gets around 10K views and there are 25 people who subscribe to the video. Which is, from 400 views there is one person who subscribes; of course very positive isn’t it?!

Then only because there are bad comments from one person; I edit the video and of course the performance also decreases at YT.

The factor that makes me unable to hold back emotions is because what he says is probably one thing that is always a factor why I am not confident. I feel; what he said was true. In fact, people who said that wasn’t just him.

But still, even though I have often heard, tens or even hundreds of times (this is a fact; I have indeed been bullied), it does not mean then I am not get sad or angry when I hear it again.

From here; In the process of building the a channel, I will follow the Head of the Algorithm in the Ralph Breaks the Internet film advices.

Don’t read comments! It is actually a little difficult because there are also many positive comments coming in. Maybe for a better one; Do not care too much for the comments.

Just focus on VIEWS, LIKES, and Subscribers.

First rule of the internet for content creators

Why we shouldn’t mind negative comments; according to the film; because on the internet; lots of people have bad characters; evil; coming in and then make bullies.

In the real world, it’s harder to do it, so they just do bad things on the internet. Look for victims and then attack them. So, the problem is not with the person he bullied; but he himself is not a good person.

A good person will never attack another person’s personal even though he doesn’t like it. Good people will never be able to hurt others …

Sometimes … When someone bully others; it’s only because he wants to exalt himself; to not fall because of Low Self-Esteem. Sometimes, they were also victims who later wanted to defend themselves by bullying others. Well, that’s gonna be a devil circle.

Bully culture is indeed emerging in the current millennium era. Because there will be no direct impact that the bully gets. They hide behind computer screens and cellphones.
They are not aware that their bullying in essence still affects others; sometimes make the victims get depressed.

If we are not a strong content creator about bullying on the internet; it’s much easier to turn off the comment section. Sometimes this is indeed an efficient way if we cannot resist reading and caring about the negative comments that coming in.

On the internet, it’s like in the real world; there are good people and also evil people. There are benefits, there are also disadvantages. We just need to treat the internet as it is, and then dare to accept risk and be responsible.

I think all content creators who are still often feel emotional when reading comments; at least take a time to watch “Ralph Breaks the Internet” movie. The film also describes how the viral video process is done, inspiring!


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