Discipline is a pathway to creativity. The most important variable in behavior change, is forcing yourself to behave differently than you feel.

One thing that discipline definitely does help you with, is it helps you get things done, and when you get things done, when you actually do things, you have more success. If you have more success, sometimes a big part of success is just not being lazy and just doing it. Yeah just get, it’s like 90% of it, is just showing up, get there and start working.

Like you’re not going to feel perfect every day because there’s a lot of things I want to do it, if it’s pretty much the same with everybody that if that actually gets good at something, that you get, there’s got to be those days you push through, and they’re probably going to be more numerous than the days you don’t, and so the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline, I get things done .

I always tell my, I would say that I’m like the most lazy disciplined person I know because I don’t want to do it but I always do.

Separates people from success and not being successful. I’ve never met a person who was not successful that didn’t have a great amount of self-discipline within their life.

Self-discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep commitments and promises and meet deadlines is essential to success.

You develop the discipline, you know, the disappoint I talk about that all the time though the fact that discipline equals freedom and the more discipline you have as a human, the more freedom you can have, which is completely counterintuitive.

You know people think ‘oh you’re living this disciplined lifestyle so that means you, you don’t have any freedom’ and it’s actually the exact opposite.

I have freedom because I have discipline, I have, you know, financial freedom because I have financial discipline. I have more time, I have more time because I discipline to get up in the morning, you know, before most normal people get up. Those are the kind of disciplines that you put in a place and those definitely get instilled through the military.

Get a pad and paper and write down one or two things that you’re going to commit to doing every single day no matter what, you’re going to use that motivation to build a machine for yourself.

I’m going to write in my journal every single day all right, full page in my journal every single day. You become a machine, you don’t think about whether you’re going to write in your journal or not, you do it because you already made that commitment, every single day no matter what, it does not matter if both of your hands were cut off and you use your stick and mouth with a pen and write in your journal. You write in your frickin journal every single day, you don’t think about it.

When you have built a habit, it’s ingrained in your nervous system in such a way that the brain doesn’t even have to consider whether and that will get done, it just gets done because committed, committed once, commit once, you don’t need to commit more than once. You commit once for the thing that you’re going to do and then you do it every single day.

That everyday method is the is one of the most powerful methods for reconstructing your entire life. Picking something, one thing. I can’t emphasize, this enough how important it is for you to commit to small things on a daily basis because that is what transforms into, those tiny little action about the grand vision is, the tiny actions that move towards a worthy ideal.


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