Since many years ago, I have very serious anxiety, but now I can manage my feeling and thoughts, eliminate all the anxiety that existed before.

So, how I do that?

Easy, but not that easy.

I had to learn how to not giving a *uck to what other people are thinking about me.

I also think that “I am just a dust in this world”.

“Nobody cares about me”

People are busy with their own feeling and thoughts, most of the time are about themselves, not anybody else.

Even if they think and say bad things about us, it’s not really about us. They think bad about us mostly because that what happened to them.

What I have to do is “DO what I have to do and focus only to what I do”.

Enjoy the moment..

If you already master it, you can focus on people around you. Focus on them, don’t focus on your feeling or thoughts.

If we can get busy with people, there is no room left inside our mind to feel the anxiety.

How to overcome Anxiety

Empathy is still needed in our life, but every body in this world have different life, different problem, different experiences every single day.

So, instead of thinking about what’s wrong with what you do, just think about, what you should do, focus to be better on what you passionate about..

Enjoy the life, because it’s just so f-ing wonderful. Be grateful about it 🙂


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